I am very excited to announce that all three parts of The Ravage Trilogy are now available to purchase in both paperback and e-book on Amazon, throughout Europe and the US and beyond. (click the image below).

This has been, for me, a journey of incredible ups and downs. It has been one of self-discovery and development. I am very much hanging up my pen and ink for the foreseeable, working on other projects for a little while. I have worked extremely hard but it’s always been worth it. Those who love these books make every tear shed absolutely worth it.

Those of you who have read and enjoyed my books, please review them so that others may enjoy them too. This is extremely important. I do have a limited number of copies of Beneath the Veil available to purchase from me, that I can sign and post out. Message me if you’re interested!

All that’s left is this… review, review, review.



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